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Kaamos ”Deeds and Talks”, 1977

A classic example of Finnish prog, reissued on cd by Rocket Records. The band: Johnny Gustafsson (lead & backing vocals, drums & percussion), Kyösti Laihi (keyboards & mini-moog synthesizer, backing vocals), Ilpo Murtojärvi (guitar & backing vocals), Jakke Leivo (basso) | Songs: Strife – Are You Turning – Delightful – Barokki – Isabelle Dandelion // Moment (Now) – When Shall We Know – Suit-Case (all music: Ilpo Murtojärvi, words: Jocke Sumelius, arrangements: Kaamos)

Hailing from the city of Turku, Kaamos had in its ranks two seasoned and respected musicians, Ilpo Murtojärvi on guitar and Johnny Gustafsson on drums and vocals. Musically in the same league as Wigwam, another revered Finnish band of the era, Kaamos and its lone release “Deeds and Talks” represents the melodic side of progressive rock.

To help put Kaamos on the musical map, bands such as Procol Harum, Focus and Jethro Tull spring to mind. The music of Kaamos does not, however, rely on easy, hummable hooks. Instead, the timeless songs flow freely and – in the case of “Suit-Case” (no pun intended) – in several passages.

The comparison of Kaamos with other bands of the era serves not only to highlight the high quality of Kaamos’ music, but it is also indicative of their place in the premier league. Had “Deeds and Talks” been released internationally, with the right backing and publicity, the album and the band would have given their more illustrious contemporaries a good run for their money.

Though all the music on ”Deeds and Talks” has been composed by guitarist Murtojärvi, each and every piece of music has its own personal, clearly defined characteristics, be it electric or acoustic. As a composer and guitarist, Murtojärvi possesses impeccable style and taste. His solos do not meander without direction, but are instead tight, melodic and uplifting, serving the purpose of each respective piece of music. A completely underrated genius of the guitar!

Available only on vinyl for more than thirty years, Kaamos’ lone release has become a prized collector’s item. In fact, for friends of melodic prog, ”Deeds and Talks” is a hidden treasure of pleasure. The recent reissue on cd is therefore more than welcome. See and order at www.rocket-records.com


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