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Kurki ”Kurki”, 2008

It took me some 18 months to hear the debut album from this mysterious Finnish progressive band called Kurki (Crane). Even in a small country like Finland there seem to be well-kept secrets inside the music industry…

Released only in the good old LP format, “Kurki” turned out to be a nice surprise: a healthy mixture of hypnotic space rock and melodious symphonic prog with great folky female vocals (in Finnish) by Kaiti Kink. Somehow the album takes me back to the 1970’s versatile and highly original krautrock scene…

I don’t think there are / have been any other bands in Finland sounding like Kurki. Oh yes, the members have most likely been listening to groups like Tabula Rasa, Kingston Wall & co. However, the Kurki sound is definitely something different.

There are no ‘keyboard kings’ or ‘guitar heroes’ in this band. Instead of breathtaking solos you’ll have to settle for lots of tasty details and tight band-playing. I should think that the whole album was arranged – more or less – ‘hand-in-hand’ by all five members.

“Kurki” is nice album for sure. With better production and mixing it might even earn a status among the best 50 Finnish progressive albums of all time.

If only I had the money, I’d take the band to Dieter Dirks’ studios near Cologne for the 2nd album. On the other hand, Kurki are such a mysterious outfit that I don’t even know if they still exist…

Kurki “Kurki” Olo Levyt / Solmu Records OLOLP-001

The album is available only in the LP (vinyl) format. However, with the album the buyer gets a code for free downloading in the Internet. If you don’t wish to purchase the album, there’s also a ‘download only’ option available for EUR 8. Please see / hear http://solmu.info/shop/and http://www.myspace.com/kurki7. The album is also available at www.primecuts.fi




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