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    Tätä blogia päivittää säännöllisen epäsäännöllisesti Pekka Koskivaara – mm. Musa-, Folk&Country- ja Back Beat-taustainen musiikin ja vinyylin suurkuluttaja ja keräilijä.

    Retrokista löydät myös Keijo ”Keitsi” Lindgrenin muutaman vuoden takaisia kirjoituksia.

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In English

Here you’ll find summaries in English of the album reviews we’ve written. If you want us to review your album / cd, we’ll be pleased and honoured to do so. All you have to do is send us two copies of your release (vinyl, cd or dvd – not mp3’s or any other ”invisible” stuff ’cause we also want to see what we are listening to!). The address is Keijo Lindgren, Rimpisuontie 7, FIN-00730 Helsinki, Finland. Looking forward to your release!


Hold on – who are you guys anyway?!

This blog is edited by Keijo ”Keitsi” Lindgren and Pekka Koskivaara, two old-timers rooted in sixties and seventies rock, but not excluding pretty much anything else either. In the seventies and eighties we wrote for a number of music mags here in Finland, including titles called Musa and Back Beat. As other interests such as families and jobs took hold, music – at least writing – was put on back burner, but not forgotten in any way: we both have amassed thousands and thousands of vinyls in a wild array of styles from different parts of the globe.

These are the treasures that we try to cover in this blog: obscure heroes, forgotten releases, buried treasures. On top of all this, we still find new and interesting music to keep us inspired – ”the day that music died” did not apply to us! As we do this purely out of love for music and vinyl, there is no need to cover things that do not interest us.

If you have interesting stories to share or just want to say hello, please feel free to contact us!

The image on left has ”Keitsi” on the right and Pekka on the left.


Legendary Finnish prog by Kaamos reissued

Originally released in 1977, “Deeds and Talks” by the Finnish band Kaamos will finally be reissued on cd by Rocket Records. At the time of its original release, “Deeds and Talks” was rated by many as being on par with Finnish prog giants Wigwam. Though the album was appraised by critics, lack of sales and gigs led Kaamos to fall apart before the planned second album was finished.

To celebrate the reissue, Kaamos will perform live in its hometown Turku on the 29th of January. For the concert, the band is augmented by a string quartet! For more info on the concert, email eeva.roiha@turku.fi

For the Kaamos and other interesting reissues and releases, contact Rocket Records: www.rocket-records.com


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